Tech Writing Documents




Sample Document (see below) demonstrating the CRAP principles:

Contrast: Contrast is shown in the choice of two very different typefaces. One is a serif typeface and the other is sans serifs. The size of the type also demonstrates contrast. The heading and the basic info are significantly larger than the other text on the page. 

Repetition: Repeated elements include the typefaces, again. The typeface used in the left-hand column is the same typeface as the one used under each individual photo. The layout of the photo with the name/caption aligned to the right of the photo is also repeated in every photo on the page. Furthermore, right alignment is repeated in the "headline" block of information in the middle-left of the page. 

Alignment: This document was designed using four vertical columns. The eye can see the white lines running in between each of the columns because, in every column, the elements are locked to the edges of the column. Right alignment (stronger than the standard choice of center alignment) is used throughout the flyer: on the captions of each photo, the headline and the photos themselves. In the left-hand column, the text is aligned to both sides of the column to create a graphic element out of the text block overall. 

Proximity: The needed information to decipher what the document is dealing with and how to become involved is all gathered into one location on the page. The name of each person is clearly positioned next to that person's photo. 




Three Flyers for Analysis—

Hartman Reserve Flyer:


Pigs Flyer:

Skating Flyer: 

9/11 Flyer Assignment Text—