Sample Student Essays




Annotated Bibliography:

The Stepford Wives (Cayle Boatman, UNI 2013)

Sugar and Non-Sugars (Rose Peterson, UNI 2013)

Graphic Essay:

"Sea Adventure" by Kristin Schlueter, UNI (2012)

Narrative Essay:

"The Stabbing: An Unexpected Journey" by Elijah Evans, UNI (2015)

"It'll Be Fun" by Chase Pryor (2017)

"The Happiest Place on Earth" by Lauren Billings (2016)

"Band Camp, Sprinkles, and the Day We Saved a Life" by Wynne Johnson, UNI (2014)

"Dribbling Blood" by Bailey Moss, UNI (2014)

"Dinner and a Show" by Mo Koenigsfeld, UNI  (2014)

"Down in the Hole" by Jay Bracken, UNI (2013)

"For the Love of Dog" by Chelsea Jones, UNI (2013)

"Realization" by Joshua Frost, UNI (2013)

"A Life-Changing Statistic" by Lindsay Kabrick, UNI (2013)

"The Last 32 Minutes" by Hope Nicole Kriegel, UNI (2012)

"Ramona's Song" by Tricia Wisniewski, UNI (2012)

"More than Popcorn" by Mark Horsch, UNI (2011)

Poetry Explication:

Hollie Hare, UIU, on "Rite of Passage" by Sharon Olds (2015)

Nicole Lang, UNI, on "The Ball Poem" by John Berryman (2014)

Alex Meirick on "The Walrus and the Carpenter" by Lewis Carroll (2013)

Taylor Rennich, UNI, on "I am Not Yours" by Sara Teasdale (2012)

Samantha Lau, UNI, on "Slim Night of Recognition by Emma Howell (2011)

Jessica King, UNI, on "The Art of Drowning" by Billy Collins (2010)

Chris Sandy, Wartburg, on Housman's "To an Athlete Dying Young" (2007)

Sonja Kretzinger on "Exile" by Alicia Ostriker (2010)

Kshiti Manek, UNI, on Pablo Neruda's "If You Forget Me" (2010)

Josh Ohnemus, UNI, on "Theme for English B" by Langston Hughes (2009)

Alex Eberhart, UNI, on Poe's "The Bells" (2007)

Kristi Turner, Wartburg, on "Mirror" by Sylvia Plath (2006)

Liz Laursen, UNI, on Joyce Sutphen's "Crossroads" (2008)

Jen Czachura, Wartburg, on Emily Dickinson's "I'm Nobody! Who are you?" (2007)

Jason Thompson, UNI, on Eliza Griswold's "In Another Year of Fewer Disappointments" (2007)

Michelle Royer, UNI, on Wilfred Owen's "Dulce et Decorum Est" (2008)

Gabe Martin, UNI, on "Ode to Music" by Charlotte Mair (2008)

Luke Leidal, UNI, on Billy Collins' "On Turning Ten" (2007)

Amanda Kuiken, Wartburg, on Kipling's "If" (2007)

Erin Suchy, Wartburg, on "God Went to Beauty School" by Cynthia Rylant (2006)

I-Search Essay:

"Feminism" by Selma Durdzic, UNI (2014)

"To Hell and Back Every Night" by Emily Sherwood, UNI (2014)

"GMOs: They're What's for Dinner" by Holly Fell, Upper Iowa (2013)

"My Future with Scoliosis" by Haley Schulte, UNI (2013)

"Criminal Profiling: Is This the Right Profession for Me?" by Marisa Quint, UNI (2013)

"Use and Misuse of the Food Stamp Program" by Grace Vande Haar, UNI (2012)

"Forever Checking: A Close Look at Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder" by Meghan Opolka, UNI (2012)

"Cyrus, Are You Siamese?" by Melissa Nelson, UNI (2012)

"The Big Decision" by Andrea Bartlett, UNI (2011)

"Weigh-In" by Jennifer Marinosci, UNI (2011)

"Schizophrenia" by Kari Brown, Upper Iowa (2011)

Does Number One Really Mean Number One? by Alex Pokorny, UNI (2010)

Should I Become a PA or a Doctor? by Kshiti Manek, UNI (2010)

What causes sharks to attack and how do you prevent attacks? by Katie Pruiksma, UNI (2009)

What is it like to survive the wilderness? by Matt Bogaard, UNI (2009)

"Beautiful Women" by Laura Harms, UNI (2009)

What would we really do without cell phones and facebook? by Cristy Steffen, UNI (2008)

What's it Like to Put Your Life on the Line Every Day? by John Jacobsen, UNI (2007)

"Who & How: Harboring Jews During the Holocaust" by Jacqui Kalin, UNI (2007)

"An I-Search with Hate as a Motive" by Charlie Hubbard, UNI (2008)

"Finding Faith, Losing Religion" by Greg Haines, UNI (2008)

Why do I have bizarre dreams every night? by Ashley Evans, Wartburg (2007)

Why can't my grandparents stop smoking? by Megan Frandsen, UNI (2007)

Why do I sneeze when I step outside on a sunny day? by Nathan Reynolds, UNI (2007)

Why are girls so mean? by Kyra Malmanger, UNI (2006)

What Kind of Guitar is Right for Me? by Bill Schmitt, Wartburg (2007)

Volunteer Service Essay:

"Night at the Home" by Dominique Jefferson (2014)

"People with Experience" by Chris Sink, UNI (2012)

"How to Relate Pirates to Volunteer Work" by Conner Brakeville (2011)

"Khris and Spanda Inc" by Jacob Luth (2010)

"Coaching Don Bosco Track" by Ryan Nie, UNI (2010)

"God's Mountain" by Erin Voss, UNI (2010)

"Knitting for Peace" by Kelsey Bechthold, UNI (2009)

"Pouring, Rinsing, Scrubbing, Sanitizing: Volunteering" by Margaret Slechta, UNI (2009)

"Food, Drink & Baseball" by Jake Langerman, UNI (2008)

"Squeeze a Boob, Save a Life" by Kelly Lantz, UNI (2007)

"Just Giving the Basics" by Emily Halva, UNI (2007)

"Just Keep Smiling" by Rachel Kudobe, Wartburg (2007)

"Looking like Angels ... Acting like Devils" by Katie Halsne, UNI  (2007)

"Manor Care, Musical BINGO, and MaryAn" by Kris Boss, UNI (2006)

"I Don't Care for Pea-Rock" by Marco Trujillo, UNI (2006)

Persuasive Essay (APA Style):

"Devaluing Work: The End of the 40-Hour Work Week" by Andrew Voss, Upper Iowa (2013)

"Embryonic Stem Cell Research" by Scott Hagberg, Upper Iowa (2010)

"Closing the Gap: A Look into Capping CEO Bonuses" by Derrick Hanson, Upper Iowa (2014)


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