Capital Alphabet with Serifs

A: Swingset frame. Hang glider.
B: Boobs—top view.
C: Boppy pillow. Empty hug. The moon.
D: Handle on tub—need two.
E: Business end of a pitch fork.
F: Mail box and awning.
G: Ergonomic office chair.
H: Two frat guys with their penises taped together.
I: Pillar from the Parthenon. Skinny girl.
J: Fishing hook—just below the surface.
K: An arrow and its destination.
L: Toddler in front of TV.
M: Bridge broken in the middle.
N: Poorly placed slide.
O: Wading pool. Fruit loop. Tire swing.
P: Breast implants—profile.
Q: Wheel with a brake. Sleeping cat—rear view.
R: Dancer with pointed toe.
S: Snake set to strike.
T: Scaffolding for power lines.
U: Swing—empty
V: Girl at the gym with a six pack.
W: Cartoon camel stuck on his back.
X: Cheerleader in the air.
Y: Worshipper.
Z: A piece of lightning.

by Kim Groninga, © 2011

This poem first appeared in Poetry East, Fall 2011



Last updated March 21, 2020